Leverage a learning platform to actively manage the training needs of your program or school.

Develop Communities of Learners
  • Group teachers based on key characteristics such as role or geography
  • Facilitate discussions on topics relevant to your organization
  • Assign online pre-work to prepare for in-person training
Customize Your Learning Environment
  • Develop a branded portal page with logos and featured courses
  • Upload eLearning courses and training materials (videos, guides, presentations) specific to your organization
  • Create landing pages to enable learner self-registration (TeachingReady.org/YOUR_ORG)
Manage Your Teams
  • Upload learners directly to your secure TR+ portal
  • Assign training to specific groups or individuals
  • Develop branded HTML email alerts and announcements
Track Progress and Analyze Results
  • Generate custom reports showing new learners and course registrations
  • Receive updates on completed trainings
  • Create dashboards on organizational performance

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